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SMS Solutions

Maalik Creative Engineers  / SMS Solutions

MCE provides all kinds of Short Code & Branded SMS Solutions.

Short Code (SMS)

Long Code (SMS)

SMS Campaigns

MCE Provide access to a secure, reliable and high capacity SMS transport platform. Our SMSC-s and gateways are connected to Signaling Carriers and Mobile Network Operators. Our clients are offered coverage of GSM via a standard SMPP interface, which ensures a homogenous functionality and performance for SMS transport to all operators.

SMS Integrator

Short Code Is a 4 Or 5 Digit (Premium Rate Services) Code, Easy To Remember, Issued By Telco Companies, It Allows Mobile Users To RequestRetrieve Or Respond Any Information From Server, Instead Of 10-Digit Cell Number. Short Code Examples (222) – (250) – (550) – (2222) – (4433).

Mobile User Charged Pre-Decided Amount upon Sending Of SMS to Short Code. Normally a Similar Short Code Is Assigned from All Telco’s for Mobile Consumer Convenience.


  • Highly Flexible Data Reading and Matching Engine.
  • Accessible From Any Mobile Phone in Pakistan
  • Send Automated Response SMS to Any Incoming SMS.
  • Support Push & Pull Messages.
  • Immediate Response to Any Incoming SMS.
  • Customizable Request & Reply Messages.
  • Sound Alert of Complaint SMS.
  • Polling, Surveys
  • Effective, Immediate & Accurate Handling of Queries And Request
  • 24 Hours – 365 Day, Real Time Connectivity.
  • No Busy IVR & Phone Lines

Long Code SMS Server

BULK SMS SERVER is a Software Application which is a Powerful Communication Tool. You can Send Your Market Survey Questions, opinion pools, Introduce Services, awareness campaigns; Public Service Messages and can run any business promotion by sending SMS to All Mobile Network Users in Any City of Pakistan. This is a New & Progressive Way to Reach & Aware People apart from direct marketing, TV Media Publicity, Newspaper Ads & Bill Boards advertising.

Key Features

Range Of Numbers

You can Make & Save as many SMS as you want in this software. We have built data base of 50 Million Mobile #s of all cities of PAKSIATN, including FATA, NWFP & Baluchistan Province in this software. You can choose the City, The Mobile Net Work, Post Paid Customer , Pre Paid Customer and Can Send desired SMS to All Mobile Users in that City on all Mobile Networks.

Auto Response

A Set-up, by which People Can Get Information by Sending a SMS To your Mobile System & system Will Automatically Reply To sender about his Required Information.

Personalized Database

Through this application you can make Your Own Contacts List & Groups of Ur Existing Members, Volunteers, employees & People. Then U Can Send SMS to them frequently to greet, to send any important information, help line #, after sale service SMSs and Notices for bills etc.

Benefit of SMS Sending

  • SMS Sending Is Immediate & high reach
  • SMS Sending is Cost Effective
  • SMS Sending Is Quick responsive
  • SMS Sending is direct Communication with Reader
  • SMS Sending is 100 % surety of Delivery
  • SMS Sending Engages the Reader for Dialogue
  • Source to build up a brand
  • Trend to establish you in market.
  • Simple method of reaching millions.
  • Reaches directly to Recipients.
  • Provide effective communication at reasonable cost.
  • The message remains with the consumer so that it is effective.

SMS Campaigns

We are experts at running SMS text campaigns. By using SMS text campaigns rather than traditional methods of contact such as paper or phone calls you will be able to reach your customers more quickly and more cost effectively. Entice your customers by sending your message to their mobiles: it’s instant and cheap.

Type of SMS Promotions

  • Help line No. promotion
  • Toll free No. promotion
  • UAN No. promotion
  • Web Address Promotion
  • Public Service Awareness Messages
  • Messages for Donation Campaigns
  • Occasion Specific Campaigns
  • Market Surveys
  • Media Campaigns
  • Opinion polls
  • Epidemic / Flood Early Warning Messages
  • Messages to Volunteers, Member & Donors for continuous communication
  • Greeting / Urgent Messages for Volunteers, Members, employees & Donors. Etc