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SMS Short Codes

Maalik Creative Engineers  / SMS Short Codes

Short codes are a great way to start interactive communication with your prospects and customers anytime anywhere. The 4-5 digit numbers can be easily memorized by your customers, suppliers, or employees, enabling them to respond to SMS text messages. Short code is our prime area of business where we provide a hassle-free short code registration and provisioning process with PTA and aggregator connections with all mobile network operators in Pakistan. Our SMS messaging platform supports both A2P (Application to person) and two-way SMS messaging enabled through a variety of simple and secure SMS APIs that integrate into your business application allowing you to automate SMS communication with your mobile audience. Alternatively our cloud SMS portal allows brands to perform 2 way communications by sending large volume SMS campaigns and broadcasts and receive recipient replies to Short Code on the portal.


Build Mobile database: Collect mobile numbers using inbound TV, Print , digital and outdoor marketing campaigns

Easy to remember: More memorable than phone numbers and websites

Quick response: Instant response at a point of sale or whilst customer is mobile

24×7 response: 24×7 response, when your call center or retail outlet is closed

Segmentation: Use different SMS keywords to segment your customers and analyze which keywords are performing better.

Our Advantage

  • One-Stop Shop for Short Code Application,Provisioning & Aggregation
  •  Simple Cloud SMS APIs (HTTP, SMPP)
  •  High performance , High Availability and Reliable platform
  •  Availability of Dedicated and Shared short codes
  •  Unlimited keywords
  •  Auto MNP management
  •  SMS Volume Discounts
  •  Delivery Reports
  •  Service Level Agreements
  •  24×7 support