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Human Resources Management System

The HR & Payroll Module maintains records of Human resource, Salary, taxes (if any), attendance /absence, time worked and employee payments. The HR & Payroll module is responsible for;

  • HR Data Management
  • Leaves & Attendance management
  • Preparation of entire company’s pay roll
  • Accurate and timely employee payments
  • Ensuring all statutory deductions
  • All non statutory deductions
  • Maintaining records and reports required
  • Ensure employment is conformance with valid work permit

The benefits of HR & Pay roll Module are as follows:

  • Fully integrated with accounts
  • User defined Pay components
  • Easy user definable criteria for simple or complex calculation
  • Unlimited grouping facility of employees
  • Any number of Attendance records based on any user defined units like days
  • ,weeks or units produced etc.,
  • Employee wise pay status reports
  • Supports statutory compliance
  • Auto fill options for attendance and pay roll voucher