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Educational Institute Management System

Information is the key to the growth, success and development of any organization, therefore, to deal with precious data and its processing a digital system emerges at the top of any successful organization for broadening its horizon for quick and right decision making. Keeping in view the EIMS requirement of the modern age a complete solution for any schooling system has been devised under the following systems:

  • Core Financial System
  • Fee Management System
  • Financial Accounting System
  • Human Resource & Payroll Management
  • Students & Teachers Information System

Main features

  • Students Enrolment in put
  • Attendance Marking Input
  • Absentees Report class/student wise
  • Examination Marks obtained Input
  • Class enrolment & subject taken
  • Group House Add Module
  • Student Group House wise tracking
  • Definition of Each Subject Module
  • Class syllabus Definition
  • Student’s Syllabus Definition
  • Subject definition optional/ Compulsory
  • Student Listing Class Wise
  • Teachers listing class wise
  • Attendance reporting daily & periodic
  • Student Grade Reporting
  • Examination Marks
  • Student Progress Reporting
  • Students ID Card Print Out with Barcode
  • Students Record Form printout with picture
  • Circular Emailing System