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Branded SMS

The rapid increase in mobile penetration has provided brands with a powerful channel to communicate with their customers. SMS messaging is an extremely powerful method of communication that puts your business in the palm of your audience and especially more if the SMS is sent with your brand name, instead of a number. SMS messages are likely to be opened within just five minutes of being received. This makes SMS great for sending special offers, event updates, payment reminders, bill alerts, limited time contests and coupon promotions.

Our Cloud SMS Portal is packed with features that allows you to quickly perform tasks such as priority SMS sending, very large volume of SMS broadcast, manage recipient lists, run large-volume SMS campaigns, review Campaign reports and detailed message logs.


Affordable and Personal: Most affordable and personal marketing channel compared to traditional advertising methods.

Instant and Timely : Send Instant and timely offers to consumers

Impactful: A mobile coupon is 10 times more likely to be redeemed than one cut from paper

Effective: 97% of all text messages are opened and read

Reliable: SMS is not forward able with brand name to another person hence ensuring reliability of the SMS

Our Advantage

  •  Web based SMS Portal
  •  Secure Login access
  •  Message sending via Cloud Portal or Cloud API
  •  Personalized Sender Name (up-to 11 characters)
  •  Campaign Broadcast
  •  Multiple User levels
  •  Delivery speed of up-to 30 SMS per second
  •  Scheduled Sending
  •  Bulk Contacts upload from text file, CVS and excel file
  •  Message Personalization
  •  Message Templates
  •  Receive Messages via Short code
  •  Auto-responders
  •  Report Logs