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Biometric Technologies

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Biometrics identification systems are becoming a common trend in today’s choice automation, however, getting to this level was not an easy task. Slowly but surely, the Management of various workplaces has started seeing the benefit of employing a biometric system for their staff management as it decreases inaccuracy caused from incidents such as buddy punching.

Aside from offering competitive price for all its fingerprint products, MCE is a company that puts a lot of effort to present its products as DIY, mending the gap between the technology and our customers, to significantly reduce implementation time and costs. Not just that, we also have gone the extra mile to enable MCE to be implemented globally by localizing the languages both in our hardware and software. Let us walk you through the advantages of choosing a MCE biometric device.

Hydraulic Road Blocker & Barrier

We offer a verity of Barriers and Road Blockers that are both manual and automatic. These solutions are specially designed to maximize the premises security by preventing forced and unauthorized entry.

Anti Terrorist Solutions

Our anti terrorist road blockers and barriers range is specially design to sustain high impact crashes, these barriers are imported and have been crash tested with a truck weighing about 7500KG at a speed of 70 Km/h. our Anti Terrorist range is an ideal solution for high security organization.

Automatic Rising Arm Barriers

Automatic rising arm barriers play an essential role in regulating and restricting the flow of traffic everywhere, we design all kinds of barrier according to the needs of our customers, we will install a system designed to exactly meet your needs.

Under Vehicle Scanning System

We are well known for their range of Industrial, Consumer product and security equipment. The under vehicle scanning system supports fast and easy detection of dangerous objects as, for instance, weapons and explosives, drugs and contraband as well as safety or  quality defects.

Detection Solutions

For more than 100 years X-ray technology has been instrumental in exposing details hidden from the human eye. Radiation, detection and image processing technologies instantly deliver superb images of scanned objects whilst maintaining the highest possible level of operator safety.

  • Walk Through Gate
  • Metal Detector
  • Baggage Scanner.