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Access Control Security

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Whether you are improving on or implementing a new access control system, Access Security Corporation has the products you need to meet your exact security goals for your facility. We offer top-of-the-line hardware and complimentary software that drives the system to effectively protect your facility, keeping your personnel, property, assets and visitors protected.

Proximity Reader

The most common form of card access is a Wiegand proximity reader. These readers offer a stable and dependable technology while remaining affordable. Proximity readers use a specific RF frequency to excite a chip that is imbedded in a card, key-tag, or other technology. The card reflects back the RF signal with an encrypted code number. Proximity technology is an excellent choice for implementing a card access security system.

Biometrics Readers

Biometrics readers, like fingerprint or retinal scanners, allow a company to control access in specific areas of the facility by identifying personnel through physical characteristics. This extremely specific type of access control offers the utmost security and eliminates the risk of stolen access cards. Click on the link, for a complete listing of biometrics products offered at Access Security Corporation.